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1. Billy Hicks
 [Related Image] Long-time actor, writer and general Knightmare fan with aliases including Billy1987-1994, BillyH or just Billy.

Born on September 24th, 1988, his memories of the show start with Series 7 when he was five years old. At the age of 11 he discovered by following a link on Greg Taylor's Watched It site (now offline) near the end of June 2000. When most online fans were in their late teens or early 20s, Billy was surprisingly young, still in primary school and being the first active online fan not to be born when Knightmare started in 1987 - he was born between transmissions of Series 2 episodes 3 and 4.

Having forgotten about the show for 6 years, memories instantly flooded back as soon as he saw the front page. This Web Archive link shows how it would have looked at the time. He quickly signed the Bring Back Knightmare petition and Guestbook, and his first post in the Knightmare Forum was a rant on how children's television had gone downhill since Knightmare ended despite still being a child himself. He then found the first of the NKTP forums in July, before he found NKTP itself.

He made his first official appearance in #knightmare chat on the 1st April 2001, after making a quick test visit the previous Wednesday. This saw the appearance of the 'Billy1987-1994' nickname, which he first used in an incarnation of the NKTP forum the previous year, and it was his regular chat name until it was shortened to simply 'Billy' in February 2008. His administrative status in chat has changed over the years, being promoted to half-op status in mid 2003, op status on the 16th April 2005, becoming joint owner along with Darren on the 6th September 2005, and Founder status on the 19th May 2006. Shortly after this Darren briefly lost regular internet access, making Billy the sole owner of the room, a position he was never entirely keen on and in February 2008 he was back to the less daunting role of op status.

He remained active throughout 2001, posting in both the Knightmare and NKTP forums as well as contributing to for the first time. He also started buying series of KM on VHS from tape traders, starting with Series 7 - he was surprised to find that he had memories of this series as he assumed they'd all be of Series 8. On the 16th September he was part of Team 3 of RPG Season 3, the third series of the Knightmare RPG, along with Ali Everett and Jolly Jones. Like Teams 1 and 2, the team died in Level 1, not helped by his then 56k dial-up internet connection cutting out just as one of the characters delivered some vital information.

By 2004 Billy was a major active regular in the community, writing hundreds of posts in the Knightmare forum and barely missing a single chatroom session. However, unlike many forum members who by now knew each other in reality and were meeting regularly, Billy was unknown to all and indeed for many years did not even have a single online photograph of himself to his name. This caused some to question the truth of his existence (some thinking he was either some sort of chatbot or a much older human being than he claimed) until social media websites like Facebook gave no doubt that he was indeed who he'd always said he was by 2007. Prior to this he could be heard in audio form as one of the participants of the Wall Aid 11 project in December 2005.

In 2006 he discovered the real story of the 1987 Knightmare pilot when he bought the script from actor Richard Bonehill, and eventually scanned in the pages for In July he got himself a whole feature on Interactive Knightmare called Beg Billy (in the tradition of Ask Alex and Ask Andrew on NKTP), which due to outside factors only lasted a few months but all questions were eventually answered with community assistance. 2007 saw him in Sing Back Knightmare's performance of All I Want Is Knightmare To View, a song he had co-written two years earlier. Another own-written filk, Never Gonna Win The Cup, was performed in 2009, although this time he was unable to take part himself.

His first "offline" meetup with a member of the KM community finally occurred in December 2007, and his first group meetup came the month after, taking part in many since then. He remains a contributor to both website and chatroom over a decade after first joining, and has been cast as Ward for Series 1 of AegisQuest, filming his first episode in August 2013. He was one of the crew members - as well as playing a goblin - at the May 2014 Knightmare Convention, finally getting to meet the cast, crew and various more community members for a show he had known for almost all of his life.

In the world outside of KM, he has been an actor for most of his life, attending stage school as a child and appearing in some notable TV dramas (IMDb page). He has since appeared in several plays across the UK and joined the National Youth Theatre in 2010. He graduated from a multi-year drama course from City Lit in 2012 and today enjoys a successful career as both actor and playwright. His ambition is to appear in Doctor Who, hint hint BBC.

(First posted in late 2004, May 2014 update)

Provided By: Billy, 2014-05-15 15:08:17
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