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1. Barry Thorne
 [Related Image] One of the most famous dungeoneers in the history of Knightmare, he appeared as part of Team 7 of Series 7, episodes 12-15. (26 November to 17 December 1993) Barry's most famous asset was, in the words of advisor Daniel Skinner, his "relentless gob"- endlessly talking to everything and everyone throughout his quest. In a climatic series finale they chose the troll hammer instead of the shield, saving Knightmare Castle in the process. Although it seemed that they had also lost the game, it was revealed that the Eye Shield had turned into the Shield of Justice (given away in an IKM competition in 2004) at which point Hordriss proceeded to present the team with their Frightknight trophies.

When Barry's episodes were repeated on Challenge for the first time in May 2004, several people noticed that Barry appeared to have been let off on several occasions, including the Moving Floor Room [SEE: Sliding Floor Chamber], the Dripping Water Room and the Corridor of Blades. Fan opinion is divided whether this is true or not.

On the 12th April 2001 he signed the guestbook, and went on to make several posts in the forum. He even visited #knightmare chat on the 9th March 2003.

(Originally posted on 2004-11-25 19:42:26)

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