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1. A Colourful Encounter For Mogdread
Fanfic written by Andrew Buckley in 2000. A crossover of Knightmare and Doctor Who, it is set shortly after The Truth Of The Dungeon. Mogdread (sic), having witnessed via magic mirror the Third Doctor's meeting with Treguard and departure in the TARDIS, attempts to draw the craft to him with a view to using it as "a way out into the real world". However, the TARDIS he ends up summoning turns out to be from a different timestream, and is carrying the Sixth Doctor and Evelyn Smythe (a companion who featured in Big Finish Productions audio plays and other spin-off media). The Doctor, whose dress sense is alluded to by 'Colourful' in the title, thwarts Mogdread by teleporting him to American town Salem of 1692, trusting that the Witch Trials at that time and place would leave him "in a pretty pickle!"

A Colourful Encounter For Mogdread is available via NKTP, where it was eventually published as A Colourful Encounter For Mogdred.

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